Green Initiatives

The Harraseeket Inn, An Enviromentally Friendly, Green Hotel

Produce from our farmers and growers
Farmer's Market

We at the Harraseeket Inn believe that doing business with local purveyors helps the community by keeping its economy strong.  Our first priority is purchasing locally grown and harvested foods.  There are many reasons for this: supporting local farmers and fishermen, preserving traditional skills and open space, and reducing the energy expended to transport foods for great distances.  We purchase organically grown produce whenever possible because we believe it is a healthier choice for our customers and our planet. We use King Arthur organic flour and Maine-grown whole-wheat flour in our breads and pastries.  We buy Oakhurst milk because it is Maine milk from a family owned business that uses no antibiotics or growth hormones.  Most of our seafood comes from local waters except for our salmon, which is wild caught in Alaska.  We serve no farmed salmon, mackerel, or other fish with known high levels of mercury.  As increasing pressure is placed on wild fish stocks, we constantly seek out suitable new additions from sustainable fisheries using low-impact harvest techniques. We are responsible for the future health of our oceans, and the decisions we make locally have a ripple effect across the entire ecosystem.