Total Green Community Model - Composting

The Harraseeket Inn, An Enviromentally Friendly, Green Hotel



Two of our employees graduated with honors from the renowned University of Maine's Composting School, one of the finest in the nation. (I framed my certificate and hung it on the wall!) We compost all our kitchen and restaurant 'leftovers' using two methods. At the Harraseeket Inn we use a Vermont Earth Tub, which we fill and turn into rich compost for our own gardens. Because one Earth Tub couldn't possibly handle the quantity of leftovers our kitchens and restaurants produce (we'd need about ten), the balance is taken daily to one of our organic farmers who composts and returns to the soil the nutrients that nurtured their last crops.  Thus the circle is complete, and both the farmer and the Harraseeket Inn benefit from this partnership.  We also think Mother Earth would approve.
On-Site Composting
  • We use a Vermont Earth Tub with a restricted list of feed stocks to reduce what we discovered, early on, could be an odor problem with the composting unit (and a problem with our neighbors).  Good composting techniques make good neighbors.
  • We use only vegetable waste from prep kitchens in the Earth Tub.
  • We do not use any proteins.  Lobster bodies and other seafood feed stocks can be downright odorous.  (Just ask our neighbors.)
  • We use no paper or cardboard.  This is recycled to save Maine's forests for higher and better uses.
  • We recycle horse bedding and leaves from the Freeport transfer station and the Inn's property to use as our carbon source.  So far, so good.  No odors, no angry neighbors and a wonderful source of soil-enriching compost for the Inn.
Off-Site Composting
  • We work with New Leaf Farm to operate a thriving 'bed and breakfast' for the remainder of our kitchen and restaurant compost.
  • All organic material from the Inn is transported by the kitchen steward daily to the farm.
  • New Leaf Farm covers, turns, feeds and monitors the composting procedure, and in the future will make their composting area available for tours to our hotel guests.  It really is a wonderful thing to see what would have been going into the waste stream being turned into "black gold" and returned to the earth.
  • We use what we need for our gardens (approximately 15 yards per year) and the rest is distributed throughout New Leaf's growing fields.  It's a win-win situation because their produce is second to none in the state of Maine.  We know because we serve it daily to your rave reviews.