Sunday Brunch*

"Bear in mind that you should conduct yourself in life as at a feast."  
~ Epictetus (55 AD - 135 AD)

Winner of Down East Magazine's Readers Choice Award, "Best Brunch in the State of Maine."

"I view brunch as an opportunity for myself and the guests to explore new items and areas of the culinary. I change the menu every week, trying new preparations, using interesting local products. My goal is simple: to create unique culinary dishes with flavors, tastes and smells that are remembered long after the event has passed." 
— Chef Elizabeth DiFranco

Lobster Sunday Brunch Menu

(Served 11:45 AM until 2 PM)

Finally in this third week of glorious October an appalling frost is dictating an end to our sadly limited growing season.  However, inspiration for this menu came from another source; mystery, magic and Mexico as seen through the life and times of Frida Kahlo. She was a wondrous painter, chef and wife of Diego Rivera, surely a creative spirit to be reckoned with.  She held court in a brilliant blue house surrounded by gardens that included many animals and exotic birds.  Every occasion was a cause for reveling and rejoicing. 

We shall attempt to do the same beginning with a delightful fish taco, a superb blend of avocado, a showy slaw, pickled onions and our own hot sauce alongside warm, spicy, chocolaty Chorizo meatballs cloaked in Oaxacan red Mole.

A street Bazaar echoes the food of local Cantinas; simple but with astonishing and vivid flavors including hand-hewn Guacamole, vibrant Pico de Gallo, ceviche of opalescent halibut, a sensational “crisp”, creamy fondue and even char-grilled tenderloin of beef.

Frida’s Manchamantel is a monumental dish that contains chilies, tomatillos, pork, pheasant, apples, pears, quince, tomatoes and fragrant herbs.   Nearby, a slow-baked savory bean casserole is the perfect accompaniment.

Never has an entrée deserved a more elegant soup and this is no exception!  A favorite Sunshine squash is blended with fresh Poblanos creating an amazing potion that shouts Oaxaca and festival with grilled cheese artisan toasts as a floating finish.

A savory autumn hash anticipates our ever evolving egg dish presentation:  a grilled breakfast Quesadilla with luscious pulled pork, fried hen’s egg and mélange of sweet onions and wild mushrooms.

Thank you Maine producers for providing the absolutely finest product allowing this explosion of culinary skill to resolve itself into another beautiful meal!  Hats off to inspiration!

$39.95 per person 
Reservations Recommended

*Please note that Portland Dine Around is not accepted for Brunch

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