Sunday Brunch*

"Bear in mind that you should conduct yourself in life as at a feast."  
~ Epictetus (55 AD - 135 AD)

Winner of Down East Magazine's Readers Choice Award, "Best Brunch in the State of Maine."

"I view brunch as an opportunity for myself and the guests to explore new items and areas of the culinary. I change the menu every week, trying new preparations, using interesting local products. My goal is simple: to create unique culinary dishes with flavors, tastes and smells that are remembered long after the event has passed." 
— Chef Elizabeth DiFranco

Lobster Sunday Brunch Menu

(Served 11:45 AM until 2 PM)

Being a citizen of the World is not always easy, especially this time of year when temperatures plummet, snow and rain blizzards are the norm and perhaps the desire to experience warmer, hotter, sandier climates tend to dictate menu choices.  This week the flavors and aromas of Morocco conquer everything!

What a spectacular winter’s feast beginning with an all-time favorite Bisteeya, a filo pie construction with mellow turmeric chili chicken, onions, egg curds, almonds and a hint of cinnamon.  This is juxtaposed to deep-fried local clams dipped in a sauce redolent with the herbs and spices of Charmoula.

This leads us to a sensational lamb Shish kebab presentation in Paella pans, maybe marinated Mahammer in butter, onions, turmeric, garlic and ginger before being strung on skewers and wood-grilled, served on a bed of divine lentils and cous cous, accompanied by minty salsa and tart yogurt sauce.  What could be better?  Perhaps succulent braised sweet squashes and baby onions could do this!

The Soup is Harira, a classic with accents of saffron and tomato served with grilled pita bread.  The salads surprise with Japanese eggplant, Heirloom tomatoes fabulous fresh dates and Satsuma oranges.

For the egg dish finale, a new creation combining waffles with falafel for a culinary first!  Surely this is a healthy, savory treat with poached hen’s egg and lemony tahini hollandaise.

Thank you Maine! Thank you Morocco! What a pleasant way to enjoy a winter’s Sunday afternoon!  Fifty eight days till spring but who’s counting?

$39.95 per person 
Reservations Recommended

*Please note that Portland Dine Around is not accepted for Brunch

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