Freeport, Maine Dining

Sunday Brunch*

"Bear in mind that you should conduct yourself in life as at a feast."  
~ Epictetus (55 AD - 135 AD)

Winner of Down East Magazine's Readers Choice Award, "Best Brunch in the State of Maine."

"I view brunch as an opportunity for myself and the guests to explore new items and areas of the culinary. I change the menu every week, trying new preparations, using interesting local products. My goal is simple: to create unique culinary dishes with flavors, tastes and smells that are remembered long after the event has passed." 
— Chef Elizabeth DiFranco

Lobster Sunday Brunch Menu

(Served 11:45 AM until 2 PM)

Once again, I am amazed where inspiration comes from and how a menu develops from ideas to become a reality in just a few moments.  We reveled in Spanish/Catalonian food last week never to be duplicated again in just the same way.  This week, from nowhere in particular came a deluge of Korean-Asian inspired food.  It could be the audacious local products coming our way or something else entirely, but this menu took on a life of its own and became cohesive and gathered the needed structure to speak and be heard.

We absolutely never use beef twice, but here it is.  A wonderful Korean Barbecue affair, spontaneously grilled and placed upon a mélange of crunchy, lightly cooked garden vegetables. It is pretty summer-irresistible.  Leading us into memorable, local, fresh Pork belly braised forever with Hoisin, Chiles, Tamarind, sugars and soy to a tender, buttery morsel presented in a taco explosion of flavors.  We excel at deep-fried egg rolls and Sunday’s is no exception.

This presentation needed a fruit soup to compliment the rest, so blackberry it is, with a slightly salted caramel whipped crème fraiche. 

You could definitely fall into a Grilled lamb chop grain bowl enhanced with six-river farms tomatoes and precious dates or succumb to a noodle salad with delicately wrapped Salmon in Banana leaves.

One of our chef’s is also a farmer and brought us fine green beans that we will prepare as simply and quickly as possible. The Finale is the Potato hash with truly joyous Fresno hot sauce.

We are heading into August now and are ready for the mountains of Maine blueberries and bread and butter corn that will explode into the fields, farms and markets.  Please, bring it on!!!!!

$39.95 per person 
Reservations Recommended

*Please note that Portland Dine Around is not accepted for Brunch

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