Cocktails and Beer

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Maine Bloody Mary - Harraseeket Bloody Mix and olives
Kir Royale - House Champagne with a splash of Chambord
Grand Orange Soda - Grand Marnier, Stoli, and soda on the rocks
Roman Holiday - Grey Goose, DiSaronno, peach schnapps, oj, and cranberry
French Kiss - Grey Goose, Chambord, a spash of cranberry served up
Grey Goose Cosmopolitan - Cointreau, cranberry & fresh lime
Pearl Pomegranate Cosmopolitan - with Cointreau and pomegranate juice
Cold River Martini - served chilled or over ice with olives or a twist
Pomegranate Martini - Pearl Vodka, pomegranate liquor, and a lemon twist
Royal Flush Martini - Crown Royal, peach schnapps, cranberry
Basil Hayden Manhatten - Sweet vermouth, bitters and a cherry
Knob Creek Old Fashioned - soda, bitters, muddled sugar, orange, and cherry
Godiva Chocolate Martini - Stoli Vanilla, Godiva Liqueur, and cream
Espresso Martini - Ketel One, Kahlua, Baileys, and espresso
Tiramisu - Stoli Vanilla, DiSaronno Amaretto, Kahlua, up or on the rocks


Shipyard Export Ale Draft
Gearys Hampshire Special Ale Draft
Freeport Brewing Seasonal Ale Draft
Allagash Ale Draft
Gritty's Seasonal
Sam Adams Boston Lager
Bud Light
Miller Light
Michelob Ultra
Amstel Light
Guiness Draught Pub Can
Buckler Non-alcoholic Beer
Stella Artois
Red Bridge
Maine Brewing Company "Peepers” Organic Ale