June 2015 Newsletter


Greetings from the Harraseeket Inn!  With long summer days reaching out ahead of us, outdoor adventures beckon. The coast of Maine is a wonderful place to vacation and  L.L. Bean's Lower Flying Point Paddling Center in Freeport offers an introduction to kayaking, fly fishing and archery that opens up whole new horizons for participants.  What a great way to share family time and make lasting memories! I've taken both the kayaking and fly fishing beginner classes and both were outstanding. kayakKayaking was first up on the agenda, and after a brief overview of paddling technique and safety rules, two instructors outfitted our group in spray skirts and PFD's, issued each of us a tall, two bladed paddle and shepherded us down to the long dock.  It was low tide and the cool air had the salty tang of sea water and mud flats, a light breeze kept the bugs away and the weather was perfect for an early morning paddle on Casco Bay.  Our instructors helped four of us Harraseeket Inn employees into the two seaters and secured our spray skirts.  A third and fourth kayak were paddled by our instructors, and we were launched! 


alliWe angled toward Sister Island, where the seals haul out on the low ledges, but gave them a wide berth because  young mothers, if spooked away from their young, will sometimes abandon their pups.  Motor boats don't seem to bother the seals but for some reason they find kayaks very threatening, perhaps because their predators are silent as well.  Loons swam off our bow and rafts of ducks bobbed past.  Our instructors were a wealth of information.  We learned that the loons we observed were the gangeither juveniles or widowers, because the breeding pairs were all on inland ponds and lakes raising their young.  We learned that the reason Casco Bay is one of the cleanest in the world is because of the eel grass that filters all the pollutants from the water.  We learned the names of all the islands...Sister, Williams, Pettengill, Sow and Pigs...while being gently coached on our paddling techniques as we navigated the beautiful waters.  All too soon we were heading back to the dock, but even on land the rejuvenating beauty of Casco Bay cast its spell over the day.  


fisgFly fishing and archery are also on tap. The instructors are great, the setting is beautiful and being a beginner is more of an advantage than a handicap because there are no bad habits to unlearn. We were all beginners and we had a blast!  Check out LLBean's Walk-On Adventures and Outdoor Discovery Schools at this link.  They're taking reservations due to their popularity, so if you're planning a trip to Freeport, be sure to book ahead.


This Father's Day falls on the summer solstice, June 21st, which makes it extra special.  If you can't bring your father to our Sunday Brunch (800-3420-6423 for reservations), here's a great recipe for lobster crepes from our chefs here at the inn:


Maine Harvest Lobster crepes:


3 ounces of lobster meat

1 ounce Taylor cream sherry

2 ounces heavy cream

1 ounce manchego cheese

1 tsp  blood orange syrup


Add lobster meat to a pan on high heat.  Flame with sherry, then add cream.  Reduce cream by half before folding in cheese to thicken sauce.  Fold into crepe and drizzle with blood orange syrup.  


Crepe Batter (makes 2 dozen)

3 eggs

1 3/4 cups whole milk

1 cup sifted flour

1 tsp kosher salt


Our Maine Harvest Dining Room now features a new weekly menu and Executive Chef Troy Mains and his talented crew are garnering high praise with their creative cuisine; for a sample menu  check out ourweb site.  We think you'll really like the new offerings!


Upcoming Events and Special Offers:


*LLBean Summer in the Park:  Check out the schedule for their great (and free!) Summer Concert Series, July 4th  events including the parade and fireworks and  Friday Farmer's Market.  Lots to do and see for the whole family!


*Moxie Festival  2015  Three days of Wicked Cool Moxie events starting Friday July 10.  If you've got any moxie in you at all, don't miss out on this unique Maine celebration of the funkiest soft drink ever invented!


*Freeport USA Calendar of Events A nonstop smorgasbord of fun things to do in Freeport all summer long!


*Summertime  State of Mainer; Our most popular off season room rate returns for the summer! Sunday and Monday nights only, excluding holiday weekends, enjoy the special room rate of $195. per couple if you dine in the Broad Arrow Tavern or Maine Harvest restaurant.  You must charge dinner to your room to get this special rate! 1-800-342-6423.  If you can't come on a Sunday or Monday, check out our other special packages and room rates on line and remember, book direct with us on our web site or over the phone and you'll get free buffet breakfast and tea!


The Model A Ford Club of America recently held their annual rally in Maine, traveling down east to Acadia National Park and back on a "Lobster and Lighthouse" tour. We hosted them coming and going and what a fun group they were, some traveling all the way from California in their vintage Fords.  This month's trivia question: 
What year is the Model A  depicted in the photograph above, taken in front of the inn? (
Hint: Click on the Facebook logo at top left and it will take you to our Facebook page.  You just might find the answer there
While you're at it, "Like" our page!)  All correct answers win  a voucher worth $5. toward food or lodging on your next visit. One per household, please.  To play the trivia, just hit "reply" and send your answer. Check your spam mail if you don't receive a response from me within five days of receiving the newsletter.  You may redeem up to 12 vouchers at one time and we ask that you try to use them in the year they were issued, though we try to be flexible.  Good luck, Happy Father's Day and Summer Solstice, and we hope to see you soon!


Best regards,

Penny Gray

The Gray family

Nancy and Chip Gray
Innkeepers Nancy Gray and son Chip in front of inn

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