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Roger Dodger

Roger Dog Checks In
Roger Sitting

Hi! My name is Roger Dodger, and I’m the official spokesdog for the Harraseeket Inn. This is a great place that definitely rates five wags. The Inn is green certified, so the grounds are herbicide free. This means we can romp on the lawns and not get poison on our paws. Hooray! And they really make us doggies feel welcome. Everyone at the front desk called me by name and fussed over me, and what dog doesn’t like to be fussed over?

The pet friendly rooms here are really terrific, especially the big two bedroom townhouses with their own kitchens and nice comfy couches in the living room. The kitchens can be closed off from the living room with pocket doors, which makes a nice safe place for you young pups while your people dine and shop, and the carpeted stairs leading to the second floor bedrooms are great fun to race up and down. Best of all, your people can take you for a walk right outside the door, where there’s green grass, shady trees, nice paths and lots of grey squirrels to chase. If you’re lucky enough to have a little person to play with, all the better!

Guest rooms in the Carriage House are comfortable and cozy. Some even have wood burning fireplaces!

Freeport’s a great town for dogs. The Pet Pantry on the south end of town has tons of neat chew toys, gourmet treats and fancy beds and just about anything else you can imagine. Your people can bring you right into the store so you can pick out what you want! After I picked out my treats I got to parade my people down Main Street, which was tons of fun. I met some other dogs, all nice enough but none as cool as me.

I walked my people back to the Inn and we ate lunch on the patio at the Broad Arrow Tavern, where I was able to sit under the table and practice my silent begging techniques. The hamburgers here are made from organic grass fed beef and are some kind of yummy! Next time I’ll try for a bite of buffalo burger.

After lunch we took a long walk to Wolfs Neck State Park. Take it from me, this park is every dog’s dream. Wooded trails run alongside the rocky shoreline and I could see all kinds of birds out on the water. My people let me run down to the waters edge to play in the tidal pool and I ate a snail, shell and all. It was a perfect outing; sunshine, salty surf and fresh escargot. Wolfs Neck definitely rates five wags. With any luck, I’ll get to take a walk at Bradbury Mountain State Park next time out and maybe check out a local dog spa. Stay tuned!

Back at the Inn my people went to tea while I staked out the townhouse. The dog bed was so soft and snuggly I decided a long nap was just the ticket. If I could, I’d hang out here full time in a heart beat!

The $25 nightly charge includes:

  • A doggy bed with a freshly laundered cover.
  • A small can of food with a lift off cover.
  • Small plastic bags for clean up duties.
  • A water and food dish.

There are a few house rules that your people need to observe. They’ll be responsible for any damages, so make sure you behave! They’ll need to keep you on a leash for safety reasons outside the building, and shouldn’t leave you alone for more than an hour and a half because even experienced travelers can get lonely and cry in a new place. (Disturbing other guests is a definite no-no.) Housekeepers will only clean the room if we doggies are out of it, and the turndown staff won’t come into the room unless your people answer the door. Also, unless you’re a service dog, you’re not allowed in the main building. The number of pet friendly rooms is limited so get your people to make reservations today and we’ll see you here soon!

Roger Dodger’s Bio

I’m 2 years old, very handsome, love kids and other dogs and was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus a year ago. Because my meds are so expensive (300. month) my first family couldn’t keep me so they brought me to the Coastal Humane Society Shelter in Brunswick, Maine. Meanwhile, the Harraseeket Inn was updating their pet friendly web page and needed a photogenic dog for their pictures. They checked out the local pound hounds and naturally chose me. They hoped that someone browsing this web site will see my pictures, fall in love and offer me a forever home with my very own family. That was my hope, too, for me and all my friends at the shelter. I now have a forever home in Bangor Maine with my own special person! If you know of anyone who might be interested in adopting one of my buddies, please contact the shelter at www.coastalhumanesociety.org. Special thanks to Robin from the Coastal Humane Society for giving me such a special day at the Harraseeket Inn, and also to Julia Bayly for taking such wonderful pictures!