Our Grounds

We use no poisonous chemicals or harmful fertilizers in our gardens or on our lawns. Let your children and your pets play to their heart's content, as children and pets should.  We use pet friendly melting agents on our winter walkways for the same reason. Our flower gardens are planted with Maine heirloom plants and native species. They are well adapted to our northern environment and have proven themselves over the centuries.  We grow many of the herbs used in our food preparations, which is why you will sometimes see our chefs out in the gardens with a basket and a pair of gardening shears.  You may be eating food they season with those same herbs in our Maine Harvest Dining Room or Broad Arrow Tavern.  Freshest is best!

We may not be able to stop those pesky hundred-thousand year cycles of ice ages and global warming trends, but we can try to mitigate and adapt to our constantly changing world, and learn to live more harmoniously with each other and with our environment.