Responsible "Green" Purchasing

  • We have replaced most of the plastic products used in the restaurants with biodegradable, eco-friendly products. Example: Drinking straws, stir sticks, to-go containers.
  • We use office products made from or containing recycled materials.
  • All of our ware-washing chemicals are Green Seal Certified.
  • We use Green Seal certified cleaning supplies in our housekeeping department.

Sustainable Seafood 

  • Fin fish and shellfish that are harvested/farmed using techniques that have a low impact on the physical environment and non-targeted species, and at a level that does not degrade the current populations.¬†
  • We use line-caught haddock in place of trawler caught (trawling damages the sea floor and has a significant amount of bycatch).

Local, Organic, Natural

Our first priority in purchasing is locally produced goods. There are many reasons for this: supporting local farmers, preserving open space, keeping the money circle small etc. Organic is our second priority. Organic food is grown in such a way that it does not have a negative impact on the environment. We believe that it is also a healthier choice for us and our customers. Natural meats are simply a step away from organic. A cow that is naturally raised is given no antibiotics or growth hormones; an organic cow also is fed only certified organic feed.
We spend more than one hundred thousand dollars a year on local organic produce.

  • 95% of all our pork products come from naturally raised Maine pigs.
  • 75% of all our chicken is naturally raised in Maine.
  • 90% of our beef is naturally raised.
  • All of our dairy products, with the exception of some cheeses, are from New England.
  • Most of our seafood comes from local waters.
  • 75% of our rice, cereals, flour, and grain are organic
  • Many of our oils and vinegars are organic.